Why Product Videos Should Be a Vital Part of Your E-commerce Business?

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Is your business suddenly starting to lag behind its market competitors, only for you to find their fantastic video production? You may wonder how brands are using video production companies to produce such great videos for their campaigns. Let us help you out. Let’s look at the recent statistics. It is found that if a viewer enjoys the video ads of a product, then the intent of purchasing the product increases by 97%. New statistics on video marketing say that videos help increase understanding of products or services by 94% and it can also increase traffic by 87%. This is how video marketing has become important in the business world as a key component of marketing campaigns. 

Videos are easily understandable, and digestible and offer an effective way to showcase products and services to potential customers. Product video production companies are crucial for effective marketing campaigns because they give a personal yet professional touch to the video content. These companies specialize in creating high-quality videos that are tailored to a business’s needs, ensuring that the video content is visually appealing and engaging. They can give scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, filming, and editing to ensure the final product is of high quality. 

Why hire a video production company?

Hiring a video production company can offer several benefits for businesses looking for effective marketing campaigns. It can be a worthwhile investment that can have a significant impact on a business’s marketing efforts. Here are some major reasons why you should hire a video production company:

Why hire a video production company

Professionalism and Expertise

Video production companies specialize in creating high-quality videos that are tailored to the company’s needs. They have the necessary equipment, technical expertise, and experience to ensure that the video is produced efficiently and effectively. We can take NinjaPromo as one of the Video production giants. They take around $5000 per video and big companies like Burger King and P&G took video service from them which goes to show that an expert video production company is desired by big names too. 


Product video production companies can provide a fresh perspective and creative ideas to help businesses stand out from the competition. They can help develop unique concepts and storyboards that effectively convey the message and the brand’s personality. Here is a creative video of YouTube Music: Sounds of Newtown created by Sonas Studio. You can see the high production value and good editing expertise in the video by the way it delivers its message.

Script Writing and Storytelling 

A compelling video script is critical to a successful video marketing campaign. Product video production companies can help with scriptwriting and storytelling to ensure that the video content effectively communicates the message and resonates with the target audience.

Technical Proficiency

Video production involves a variety of technical aspects that requires such as lighting, sound, camera angles, and post-production editing. A video production company has all the necessary expertise to ensure top-notch production quality to ensure that these aspects are executed correctly, resulting in a polished final product.


Recording, editing, and creating video content in-house creators can be expensive and lengthy but hiring a video protection company can save a huge expense. They can help streamline the production process, reducing the time and resources needed to produce a high-quality video.

Importance of Quality Video Production

A business stands on the base of its authenticity and nowadays businesses make sure the image of their brand value remains unique and intact. It helps businesses establish credibility, increase engagement, improve recall and retention, gain a competitive advantage, and achieve better ROI. Here are some of the key reasons why businesses should prioritize quality video production:

Enhance Brand Credibility 

A high-quality video reflects positively on a business’s brand image and enhances its credibility. A well-produced video can help establish trust and credibility with the target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Bangladeshi phone network Grameenphone uses different production companies to create quality videos that help them stream a good brand image in the respective market. 

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Increase Engagement 

Good-quality videos are more engaging and grab the attention of the audience better than low-quality videos can. Quality video production ensures that the video is visually appealing, well-written, and well-produced, increasing the chances of viewers watching the entire video and engaging with the brand.

Enhances recall and retention

A well-made and properly scripted video is more memorable to the viewers. When they watch it, it leaves a memorable impression thus bringing conversion. If you give a good video production company to make a video for your product campaign, they will do proper market research, understand your competitor’s work, and make a creative script. This will result in a well-crafted video for your business that eases out a lot of work for you.

Competitive Advantage

As I said above, understanding’s competitor’s work is important, video production companies are mostly well aware of this as well. In today’s crowded digital landscape, high-quality video content can help businesses stand out from the competition. Well-produced videos can help businesses differentiate themselves and attract more attention and engagement from their target audience.

Better ROI

Quality video production may require a higher investment, but it can lead to a better return on investment (ROI) in the long run. High-quality videos are more likely to engage and convert viewers, leading to increased revenue and business growth.

Different Types of Video Production Companies  

There are several types of video production companies. A lot of them cover 3-4 companies, but some video production companies specialize in some specific niches as well. Here are some of the main types of video production companies:

Corporate video production companies
  • Corporate video production companies: These companies specialize in producing videos for businesses, such as corporate videos, product demos, training videos, and promotional videos.
  • Commercial video production companies: These companies focus on producing videos for television commercials, online advertising, and social media marketing.
  • Documentary video production companies: These companies specialize in producing documentaries and non-fiction videos, such as educational films, news stories, and investigative journalism.
  • Animation video production companies: These companies specialize in producing animated videos, including explainer videos, motion graphics, and 3D animation.
  • Event video production companies: These companies focus on producing videos for live events, such as conferences, concerts, and trade shows.
  • Music video production companies: These companies specialize in producing music videos for recording artists, bands, and other musicians.
  • Educational video production companies: These companies focus on producing educational videos for schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

Have You Found Your Video Production Company Yet?

Product video production companies are essential for effective marketing. Good quality and professional video content is now a significant part of a successful marketing strategy. Again, video production companies can provide businesses with the technical expertise, creative input, and professional polish needed to produce engaging and effective videos. By hiring a video production company, businesses can save time and resources. Moreover, they can also create content that stands out and resonates with their target audience. The benefits of working with a video production company include increased engagement, improved brand credibility, better recall and retention, a competitive advantage, and a higher return on investment. Overall, businesses looking to create effective video content should consider working with a product video production company to achieve their marketing goals.