How to Create Engaging Unboxing Videos for Your Online Store

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Opening something special for the first time brings a thrilling sense of anticipation. Top brands leverage unboxing videos to recreate this excitement online and captivate audiences.

Captivating unboxing videos boosts online sales by allowing customers to experience products first-hand from the comfort of their screens. Strategic unboxing videos maximize engagement, conversions, and brand love by showcasing products in an exciting, theatrical way.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover proven techniques on how to create product unboxing videos that highlight your brand’s uniqueness. 

The only question is: are you ready to maximize your conversions, or will your competitors reap the benefits first? Let’s begin…

The Rise of Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos essentially show a person opening a product for the first time and commenting on the contents of the package. 

The videos focus heavily on showcasing the actual unwrapping of the item, the product inside, as well as the person’s genuine reactions.

Over the past decade, these types of product videos have exploded in popularity on sites like YouTube, and Tiktok. Fans love watching the surprise and excitement of people discovering new products. Now, the videos generate millions of views.

For businesses, unboxing videos presents a unique advertising opportunity. Brands can leverage influencers or everyday customers to showcase products in an authentic way.

Pre-production Tips on How to Create Product Unboxing Videos

Before you start filming your unboxing video, follow these tips:

Choose the Right Product

You want a product with packaging that looks appealing on camera. But beyond aesthetics, consider what items naturally evoke curiosity and anticipation when unwrapped:

  • Subscription boxes
  • Luxury & specialty foods
  • High-end electronics
  • Limited-edition collectibles
  • Clothing collections/collaborations

If resources allow, design premium packaging specifically to be unveiled in the video. Details like specialty opening techniques, compartments, and inserts make for compelling viewing.

Set Up Lighting and Camera Work

Proper lighting is crucial for highlighting both vivid product colors and premium packaging details. Using soft box lights or diffused natural light typically works best.

Likewise, invest in a quality camera and lens setup. You want viewers to easily see all the nuances as you unpack and inspect your product. Plan a multi-camera shoot if possible.

Finally, consider camera angles and shot sequencing. Construct a “narrative” revealing packaging elements and the product itself for maximum impact.

Structure the Flow

Plan the overall flow before filming to strategically build anticipation and highlight specific details:

  1. Tease the opening first just showing the packaging exterior. Have viewers guess what’s inside.
  2. Draw attention to premium materials, finishing, etc. on the box as you start carefully unpacking.
  3. Build suspense by slowly opening any hidden compartments, and inserting them before the main contents.
  4. Reveal the product with a reaction, drawing viewer attention.

Unpacking Tips

When executing the actual unboxing/reveal, utilize these tips:

  • Remove items slowly and deliberately
  • Showcase with visual pauses at key moments
  • Highlight quality materials and fabric details
  • Draw attention to tech specifications
  • Comment on premium packaging elements
  • Provide some educational context/facts
  • Convey genuine reactions/excitement

Ideally, have someone else operate the camera so you can focus on unpacking with both hands. Capture multiple angles highlighting the product and packaging from all sides.

Edit judiciously later to build drama and simplify the viewing sequence.

Post-Unboxing Tips

After the main reveal, you have further opportunities to engage viewers:

Demonstrate the Product

The ultimate goal is to entice potential customers, so showing the product in action is key. For example, powering on electronics or having models wear fashion items. Help them visualize themselves enjoying what you offer.

Emphasize Benefits

Verbalize or graphically highlight the most compelling quality features and benefits. Draw explicit connections to how these meet customer needs and desires.

Wrap Up with a Clear CTA

End the video with a strong call to action for viewers to learn more or purchase the product. For example, include an end screen with the link to your online store.

Benefits for E-commerce Brands

Creating quality unboxing content provides e-commerce merchants with multiple advantages:

  • Builds anticipation and word-of-mouth: Teasing what’s inside a unique or luxury package generates buzz and sharing across social channels. Even simple product packaging done right can bring interest when unwrapped.
  • Highlights product features/quality: Zooming in on product details as you unbox lets you call attention to materials, fabric, tech specifications, etc. This helps inform potential customers.
  • Improves customer experience: Seeing what to expect when your customer receives the package improves satisfaction and the perceived quality of your brand.

In essence, unboxing videos allow you to turn your product packaging into part of the story you tell potential customers. Instead of just a box people throw out, you make it an integral touchpoint.

Professional Production Quality of Unboxing 

Our 4000-square-foot state-of-the-art production facilities ensure a polished, flawless finish for your demo video assets. We oversee:

  • Directing professional scripts and voiceovers
  • Multi-angle multi-camera filming with specialized equipment
  • Pro editing and post-production mastery bring footage together

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Wrapping Up

As e-commerce becomes increasingly competitive, merchants must find creative formats like unboxing videos to stand out. Producing compelling, authentic content showcasing your products in use provides a valuable tool for customer acquisition and sales.

With some upfront effort, the enticing unwrapping visuals and excitement serve as a viral magnet reaching new audiences. Then highlighting your product’s benefits and quality materials secures your branding and conversions.

Consider integrating dynamic, polished unboxing video into your eCommerce strategy and partnering with specialists like Product Video Studio. The visual impact and measurable sales lift may transform your business growth. Contact us today to start maximizing your video potential.