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We create content that you can use a day from now, a week from now, or even a year from now! Regardless of when you use it, our videos will always retain their charm.
Product Video Studio is a renowned video production company specializing in the creation of captivating e-commerce product videos. With a decade of experience in the marketing sector, we identified a common struggle among online sellers when it comes to crafting visually appealing product videos. That realization prompted us to establish Product Video Studio seven years ago, starting with a talented team of 10 professionals. Over the years, we have expanded our workforce to include over 100 industry experts dedicated to delivering exceptional video production services.
Our commitment to excellence is matched by the impressive scale of our production facilities. We boast over 4000 square feet of cutting-edge space across two continents—both in the United States and Bangladesh. This allows us to accommodate a wide range of shooting requirements, from sophisticated indoor studio setups to breathtaking outdoor locations. Our versatile team is equipped to handle any project with unwavering professionalism and creative finesse.
Having successfully collaborated with more than 1500 clients, we have completed over 4000 projects to date. Our extensive portfolio encompasses various industries, including crowdfunding initiatives and a diverse range of e-commerce sectors. Through our expertise and dedication, we have helped our clients generate billions of views and millions in sales, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in driving business growth.
At Product Video Studio, we take pride in our ability to produce exceptional quality videos at scale. Each month, our prolific team creates an average of 70 videos, each tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. We have successfully worked on projects featuring an extensive array of products, including PC components, smartphone accessories, outdoor gear, skincare items, kitchen gadgets, and home improvement tools. Our in-depth understanding of various product categories enables us to create engaging videos that highlight their distinctive features and resonate with the target audience.
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Creative Powerhouse

Our company consists of the talent of over 120 experienced creative minds, including scriptwriters, marketers, strategists, and cinematographers, who passionately craft every aspect of our media content with precision.

Professional Equipment

Our commitment to cinematic excellence shines through in every project, big or small. Using industry-standard professional equipment, we guarantee visually stunning results that match the quality of movies, leaving a lasting impression.

Evergreen Content

We create content that you can use a day from now, a week from now, or even a year from now! Regardless of when you use it, or on whatever platform you reuse the content on, our videos will always retain their charm.

On-time Delivery

With a commitment to timely delivery and uncompromising quality, we stand by our word. Once we make a promise, we remain steadfast, ensuring your project is delivered on schedule with impeccable standards.

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