How to Make Unboxing Videos That Your Customers Will Love

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Unboxing videos have exploded in popularity in recent years. These videos simply show someone opening and experiencing a product for the first time. On the surface, they seem mundane. But unboxing videos tap into viewers’ innate curiosity and excitement over new products.

Top unboxing videos can garner millions of views. For content creators and businesses, they present a major opportunity to drive traffic and sales. However, low-quality unboxing videos can easily bore audiences.

This guide will walk through how to make compelling unboxing videos based on proven techniques. You’ll learn:

  • Why unboxing videos attract so many eyeballs
  • How to choose products and target audiences
  • Production tips for visually appealing unboxing videos
  • Ways to engage viewers and drive traffic
  • When to post unboxing videos for maximum impact

Follow these best practices to create unboxing videos that captivate audiences and achieve results.

The Psychology Behind Why Unboxing Videos Go Viral

To understand how to make effective unboxing videos, you first need to know why they attract viewers in the first place. Unboxing videos leverage psychological factors like surprise, anticipation, and novelty to reel audiences in.

The Thrilling Surprise Factor

Human beings love surprises. The brain releases dopamine when we experience unexpected pleasures. That’s why opening gifts ignites childlike excitement, even in adults.

Unboxing videos allow viewers to vicariously enjoy the surprise and novelty of discovering new products. Watching someone encounter an item for the first time feels exciting and unpredictable.

This feeling hooks viewers into watching more unboxing content. Brands can use this phenomenon to their advantage by coordinating with influencers to showcase new products.

Building Anticipation Among Consumers

The way products are packaged builds anticipation before the reveal. Apple is renowned for creating luxurious unboxing experiences by turning packaging into theater.

Unboxing videos prolong this sense of anticipation. Viewers know they will eventually see the product, but the uploader draws out the process to tease the final reveal.

This build-up makes the payoff more satisfying. Audiences lean into the rising action, waiting to see the main event. Their curiosity keeps them watching until the end.

Satisfying The Craving For Novelty

Humans are wired to constantly seek out new experiences. Online shopping has made buying new products easy, but most people want to preview items before purchasing.

Unboxing videos allow viewers to experience new products and innovations without spending money. From the latest iPhones to obscure indie products, unboxing content satisfies viewers’ craving for novelty.

The viral nature of these videos means audiences can discover new items through unboxing videos. This opportunity to explore emerging and trending products provides value beyond just entertainment.

Choosing Products That Grab Attention

Not all unboxing videos gain traction. Certain product categories tend to perform better than others. Assess your audience and select items they will find intriguing.

Trending Tech Products

Electronics consistently top the list of most viewed unboxing content. Smartphones, laptops, gaming systems, and more technology dominate this space.

Tech products have a wide mainstream appeal. Plus new gadgets constantly come out, giving you fresh unboxing opportunities around big releases.

Capitalize on hype for the latest iPhone or PlayStation by providing an early unboxing video. Tech audiences crave this insider preview.

Toys & Collectibles

Toy unboxing videos also attract huge viewership, especially from kids. Surprise toy packs and rare collectibles make for entertaining reveals.

The mystery factor compels viewers to stay tuned to the end. For adult audiences, unbox nostalgic items like Pokémon cards for a dose of childhood nostalgia.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Makeup and skincare products are unboxing favorites. Seeing swatches of eyeshadow palettes or testing new fragrances satisfies beauty fans.

When noteworthy launches happen in the cosmetics world, jump on filming an unboxing right away while the buzz is high.

Apparel & Accessories

Clothing hauls and luxury accessory videos also perform well, especially in the ASMR genre. The sound and visuals of unpacking new fashion products provide sensory pleasure.

Vintage streetwear or bag unboxing attracts sneakerheads and designer fans. Showcase hot drops from brands your niche audience loves.

Producing Quality Unboxing Videos

You can unbox any product, but certain production values separate amateur efforts from truly captivating videos. Invest time mastering technical elements like lighting, camerawork, and audio to make polished unboxing content.

Create an Intentional Unboxing Set Design

A dedicated unboxing set puts the focus entirely on the star – the product. Avoid environments with visual clutter like bedrooms or kitchens. Instead, construct a clean, minimalist set that will not distract viewers.

Choose a Neutral Background

Plain backgrounds like a single-color wall or backdrop help the product packaging pop. Avoid busy patterns or distracting decor.

White, black, and gray backgrounds work with any product color scheme. Wood tables also make great subtle, natural backdrops.

Elevate the Unboxing Surface

Stage products on an elevated surface so the camera can shoot straight down into boxes and packaging. Possibilities include:

  • A raised platform or table
  • Stacked books or boxes to create height
  • Tripod with extendable overhead arm

An overhead angle provides the ideal vantage point for viewers to see every detail as you unbox.

Style the Set Simply

Declutter the set and include only essential props related to the product. For example, when unboxing makeup, include a mirrored tray and beauty tools.

Minimalism keeps the product as the obvious focus. Let the anticipation build purely around seeing the item emerge from its packaging.

Create Dimension With Backdrops

While the main backdrop should be neutral, add visual interest with layered backgrounds, suspended ribbons, fabric backdrops, or textured paper to extend the set into space.

Take a look at the backdrop of this mechanical keyboard unboxing video for example – 

Photos and art relating to the product also add relevant context. This depth and customization enhances the unboxing environment.

Optimize Lighting for Maximum Visibility

Proper lighting ensures audiences can clearly see colors, textures, and product details. Be intentional with lighting choices.

Use Soft, Even Key Lighting

Bright, diffused key lighting prevents shadows and glare. Position powerful LED or tungsten lights high above pointing down diagonally.

Softboxes and shoot-through umbrellas also create soft, widespread lighting. Avoid harsh undiffused studio lights.

Light Backgrounds Separately

Illuminate backdrops independently to separate between foreground and background. Use LED panels or reflectors to bounce light onto backgrounds.

Separating key and background lighting provides depth and prevents subjects from blending into underexposed backgrounds.

Learn how to set up an affordable video lighting setup from this detailed guide.

Take Advantage of Natural Daylight

When possible, leverage soft, full-spectrum natural light through windows. Avoid direct sunlight which creates harsh shadows.

North-facing windows and light-diffusing curtains create perfect natural lighting for unboxing videos.

Avoid Mixing Light Temperatures

Ensure all light sources share a consistent color temperature. Mixing cool blue and warm yellow/orange lighting distorts product colors.

Match temperatures of LEDs, ambient lights, and practical lamps on set. White balance cameras to the primary light source.

Master Equipment for Captivating Camerawork

Dynamic camera angles and movement keep audiences visually engaged as you unbox. Use key gear for shooting flexibility.

Use a Handheld Gimbal for Stability

Track smooth handheld shots without shaking using a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Capture static close-ups as well as flowing product reveals.

Gimbals allow movement without disruption. Lock them down for stationary overhead shots. Capture movement only when intentional.

Incorporate Sliders for Dynamic Motion

A motorized slider adds production value through dramatic pushing or pulling motions to accent unboxing moments.

Sliders create a cinematic movement to build anticipation. Use sparingly to highlight key moments.

Leverage Extra Cameras for More Angles

Set up a 2 or 3 camera shoot with different perspectives captured simultaneously. This saves time over shooting angles sequentially.

Possibilities include a wide master shot, tight close-up cam, and overhead detail cam. Cut between angles in editing.

Manipulate Depth of Field for Focus

Use a fast aperture lens (f/2.8 or below) to manipulate depth of field. Blur backgrounds to make unboxed items really pop with sharpness.

Shallow depth of field keeps viewers’ eyes fixed on the emerging product. Toggle focus to guide the viewing experience.

Capture Crisp, Immersive Audio

Clear audio makes ASMR unboxing satisfying. Hearing every sound transports viewers into the experience.

Use External Mics or Recorders

Capture subtle audio details with mics positioned closer to objects than built-in camera mics can access. Condenser mics paired with a recorder maximize audio quality.

Reduce Ambient Noise

Remove all air conditioners, fans, and other sounds that compromise audio. Only package sounds should be heard.

Normalize Audio Levels

Balance audio levels across your narration, product sounds, and any background music in post-production. Apply light compression if necessary.

Enhance Sounds in Post

Subtly boost mid-range frequencies during editing to emphasize crinkles and taps. Avoid over-processing sounds.

Show Personality Through Authentic Reactions

The host’s reactions make or break unboxing videos. Avoid acting over-the-top enthusiastic. Provide real responses in the moment to items revealed.

Share Genuine First Impressions

Give honest feedback about a product as you experience it. Blend subjectivity with objective descriptions.

Balance potential negatives with positives. Remain upbeat but candid.

Describe Details Visually and Sensorily

Align visual descriptions with what viewers see on screen. Share scents, physical sensations, tastes, or any other sensory observations.

The more descriptive detail the better. This descriptive approach transports viewers into the unboxing as if opening the package themselves.

Use Conversational Language

Speak conversationally as if chatting with a friend sitting beside you. The approachable language feels more welcoming to audiences.

Avoid stiff scripts. Ad-libbing thoughtful commentary feels more authentic.

Be Animated Yet Subdued

Strike a balance between energetic and over-the-top. Animate reactions subtly without theatrical exaggeration.

Remember, the product itself delivers excitement. As host, lean into the anticipation and surprise along with viewers.

By honing these technical and performance elements, your unboxing videos will transform into truly captivating experiences. Devote time to crafting an intentional, high-quality production process. 

The effort comes through on camera, helping you stand out and engage audiences on a deeper level.

Boosting Audience Engagement

Beyond a quality production, you need to actively involve audiences during and after unboxing videos. Encourage comments, questions, and feedback.

Tease the Unboxing In Advance

Build hype by announcing what you’ll unbox across your social media in the lead-up. Share photos of the box and entice viewers to see what’s inside.

Poll your audience to vote on which item they want to see unboxed next. This makes fans feel heard.

Respond To Comments in Real Time

Engage viewers as they comment on the unboxing in real-time. Answer questions that pop up and acknowledge reactions.

Heart comments viewers post while watching to show you’re listening. This level of engagement strengthens loyalty.

Solicit Suggestions for Future Videos

Prompt viewers to suggest products they’d like to see featured in future unboxing videos.

Making audiences part of the creative process increases their investment. They’ll be eager to watch their ideas come to life.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Give fans a look behind the curtains through Instagram Stories or TikTok. Capture extra footage showing video prep and interactions with brands.

The “inside peek” feels exclusive to loyal followers. Bonus content also keeps fans looped in until your next unboxing goes live.

Timing Posts Strategically For Maximum Views

Unboxing videos drive the most views when posted strategically around product launches. Align your release schedule with peak consumer demand.

Unbox Right At Launch

Ideally, upload unboxings the day new products drop or even earlier with embargoed pre-launch access. Being the first to showcase big releases endears you to fans.

Capitalize on the hype surrounding hotly anticipated game consoles, iPhones, and other blockbuster launches. Strike while excitement is at its peak.

Ride Waves of Seasonal Demand

Holiday demand makes certain unboxing genres more popular during specific times of the year.

Unbox in-demand electronics in November before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Then switch to toys in December to tap into gift-giving demand.

Lean Into Trending Releases

Stay on top of upcoming product releases and trends in your niche. When buzz starts building around a new sneaker drop or limited makeup collection, move fast to capitalize through an unboxing.

Release videos when demand is high to attract huge view counts. Having your finger on the pulse of trends is key.

Turn Unboxing Videos Into Business Opportunities

Beyond driving views and subscribers, unboxings unlock money-making potential through sponsorships and affiliates.

Get Paid to Unbox Sponsored Products

Once you grow an engaged following, brands will start offering free products in exchange for unboxing.

The right brand sponsorships align with your niche and audience interests. Ensure sponsored products meet your standards. Disclose all sponsorships transparently.

Monetize With Affiliate Links

Include affiliate links to purchase products you genuinely recommend. When viewers buy after clicking your link, you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing works perfectly with unboxing content. Spotlight products your audience will love and make them shoppable.

Best Practices For Unboxing Channel Success

Consistency and high quality are key to building a thriving unboxing channel audiences love. Avoid these pitfalls:

  • Sticking to one product type – Mix up unboxing variety to widen appeal
  • Filming in cluttered spaces – Prioritize clean aesthetics
  • Overacting reactions – Be authentic and subdued
  • Dragging out videos – Tight editing keeps viewers’ attention
  • Ignoring feedback – Engage with commenters to foster community

Follow the tips in this guide to produce binge-worthy unboxing videos that convert viewers to loyal fans. Take a look at the unboxing of the BOXscape channel to get unlimited ideas. Satisfy audiences’ craving for product discovery while taking your channel to the next level.

So, which product should I unbox next?