How Genuine Testimonials Videos Attract Buyers

How Genuine Testimonials Videos Attract Buyers

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Do you cringe at crafty, over-produced commercials making big promises about some product you’ve never heard of? Yet you might eagerly click on a video by an enthusiastic customer raving about how some wonder cream cleared her eczema.

Consumer distrust toward brands grows by the day, while the influencing power of relatable personalities only increases. Even the savviest marketing fails to sway prospective customers these days.

Authentic customer testimonial videos are hugely effective at driving sales because they leverage convincing social proof and recommendations from real buyers. Testimonial videos convert at very high rates by building product credibility that the sales page alone cannot achieve.

In this article, we’ll provide advanced tactics to create compelling testimonial videos that showcase satisfied customers, highlight genuine emotions, and inspire trust from prospects. 

Done right, testimonials attract and convince buyers on autopilot using the psychological principles of social validation.

What Are Customer Testimonials? 

Customer video testimonials are videos where your pleased customers speak about their experiences with your product. They are a great example of user-generated content(UGC) apart from being the ultimate social proof. 

Written testimonials could be boring as readers might not be able to connect to them as much as they could with video testimonials. That’s why almost 79% of customers use testimonial videos to understand and gain clarity about the product. 

5 Ways Customer Testimonials Accelerate Purchases with Social Proof

Now that you know what is customer video testimonial is, let’s deep dive into the benefits of how testimonial videos drive sales.  

1. Increases Brands Credibility and Trust

Testimonial videos build credibility and trust. Social proof encourages potential customers. 

When a customer sees real people talking positively about a product or company, they are more inclined to trust that feedback. It helps viewers to see real experiences from real customers. 

This creates an authenticity that a company simply claiming great products cannot achieve on its own. 

Moreover, it creates authenticity for a brand. Video testimonials feel real and honest, lending a powerful authenticity that attracts customers.

2. Drives Conversions

Testimonial videos are powerful conversion rate drivers. They boost conversion rates significantly. One customer testimony can be more effective than any claim from the company. 

They speed up the sales cycle by building familiarity and trust with the brand.

Videos move prospects through the sales funnel faster. People convert faster when they feel social proof. Testimonials directly address buyer concerns, clearing obstacles in their path to purchase.

3. Expands Reach

Videos expand reach wider than other formats. They are easily shared on social media.  Customer experience video as a video marketing strategy can be posted on their social channels.

Testimonial videos expose a brand to new audiences. As the videos spread organically, new potential markets opened. A highly compelling testimonial can take off virally, spreading a brand message exponentially.

4. Showcases Benefits

Videos bring key advantages to life better than any brochure. Companies can choose customers that highlight key advantages like cost savings, efficiency, or ease of use.

Testimonials emphasize the areas that matter most to target customers, bringing abstract benefits down to reality. For intangible products, testimonials make them more tangible. Software or services become real by seeing them in action.

5. Supports Sales Teams

Testimonial videos give sales teams more tools to close deals. Sales reps leverage testimonial videos in one-on-one pitches to great effect. Having strong testimonials enables reps to close more deals. 

Customer proof is highly motivating. When prospects have questions or hesitations, video testimonials can answer concerns and resolve issues.

Think like adding a customer experience video to your Amazon product page also can help to gain the trust of customers. 

How to Create a Customer Testimonial Video? 

You can easily craft an impactful testimonial video that would show a genuine portrayal of customer experience. 

Now, anyone could create a professional, on-brand testimonial video with a few minutes, some happy customers, and a video maker. 

  • The very first step is to reach the customers, who would be interested in sharing the testimonials with you. 
  • After that collect the video recordings from your clients, some businesses also take it to the next level by adding names, company roles, and how long they have been customers.
  • You could also finish the video strongly by saying a CTA like sign up today or try yourself now to maximize your conversions. 


Testimonial videos are high-impact marketing assets. They influence buyers through social proof at every stage from awareness to consideration to decision making.

Video testimonials build credibility and authenticity, drive conversions higher, expand reach through sharing, make intangible products tangible, and give sales reps more tools to close deals. 

Any company lacking testimonial videos is missing out on its huge potential to connect with customers and drive sales. Their remarkably low cost to create compared with their high value make them indispensable.

The time is now to start collecting client reviews showcasing outstanding product reviews and services. Utilize their marketing power to attract, engage, and convert more customers.


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