How E-commerce Product Videos can Help you to Attract Resellers and Wholesalers

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E-commerce product videos show resellers the features and benefits of your products in an engaging way. This builds trust, sparks interest, and motivates resellers to carry your products. 

High-quality video content often provides the best ROI but takes time and skill to produce right.

Videos allow you to demonstrate your products more effectively than photos or text descriptions alone. Seeing a product in action helps resellers understand its value and visual appeal. Videos also make your brand more memorable.

Below we’ll explore the key benefits video provides for attracting resellers and wholesalers and how our affordable e-commerce video production services can uniquely showcase your goods to attract partners:

1. Builds Trust and Credibility

Product videos lend credibility to your brand and products. They show resellers you are an established business willing to invest in high-quality marketing content. Videos also showcase your expertise and knowledge about the products. This makes resellers more confident in the quality and reliability of your brand.

Additionally, video testimonials from enthusiastic customers or product demos presented by company reps can further establish trustworthiness. Their positive experiences give social proof that your products satisfy customers.

Unboxing videos showing high-quality packaging and materials signals to resellers that you value both your products and customers.”

2. Clearly Communicates Benefits

It’s vital to inform resellers why your products are worthwhile for their customers. Videos excel at highlighting unique features, value-adds, and pain points your products solve for end users. Viewing how your product works or improves someone’s life is more compelling than just reading about those benefits.

For example, before-and-after videos, animations showing how the product functions, or customer testimonials explain the “why” behind your product more persuasively. This clarity equips and motivates resellers to upsell your product’s advantages to their network.

3. Grabs Attention with Emotional Appeal

Humans connect more with visuals that involve emotion. Videos showing delighted customers unboxing products or explaining how they solved a frustrating problem tug at heartstrings better than words. These stories stick in resellers’ minds, sparking excitement about offering your products.

Additionally, fun music, dynamic graphics, and high-energy hosts also capture interest more effectively than static catalog pages. An entertaining, emotional video gets remembered and shared, extending your branding and message further.

4. Allows Scalable Demonstrations

It would be impossible to physically demonstrate your product in front of every potential reseller. However, through video, you can repeatedly showcase your products to new distributors anywhere at very little added cost. 

A video allows at-scale, on-demand viewing of demos that inspire resellers to sample and then stock your products.

Whether at in-person trade shows or on a YouTube channel, video demos educate multitudes of resellers on what makes your product special. Place QR codes on print catalogs linking to videos for additional opportunities to display your goods.

5. Simplifies the Selling Process

Product videos reduce the back-and-forth conversations needed to vet and onboard new resellers. Most questions potential distributors have can be answered in a short product video. This helps you close partnerships faster.

For example, an FAQ video addresses common doubts on pricing, quality concerns, customization options, order minimums, etc. in an easily digestible way. A video tour of your headquarters or manufacturing facility also visually builds confidence in your operations. Reduce steps in the reseller acquisition funnel through video.

“75% of wholesale execs prefer to do business with brands using video!” – according to one of our clients.

Best Practices for Creating Product Videos 

Now that we’ve covered the key reasons to use video for reseller marketing, let’s explore the types of videos and best practices for optimizing your videos to attract and retain wholesale partners:

Keep Messaging Reseller-Focused

Discuss value primarily from a reseller and end customer point of view. What margins or special programs are available to distributors? Show how your brand assets and promotional materials make it simple for them to market. Highlight the successes of other resellers already partnering with you.

Invest in High-Quality Production

High-end cinematography, crisp editing, professional voiceover, and smooth graphics signal your brand is established and savvy. Avoid overly stock or corporate-looking video templates. Authenticity is also key — record real team members and customers if possible. You can outsource this to offshore product videography service providers.

Include Relevant Product Stats

Display product specs, dimensions, SKUs, compliance certifications, available customization options, etc through simple animated graphics. Wholesalers want to quickly reference this detailed information.

Keep Videos Concise Initially

Resist overloading initial introductory videos. Lead with your best 1-3 minute video highlighting the most compelling reseller benefits. Add secondary videos later expanding into product line deep dives, installation/use tutorials, customer success stories, etc.

Multilingual Options

Produce reseller-focused videos in the languages of your key wholesale markets. For example, you will find many Chinese resellers and wholesalers out there in the eCommerce arena. Speaking to international partners in their native language builds trust showing commitment to their region.

Feature Real Customer Reviews

Show short video testimonials from genuine resellers and retail customers describing first-hand experience with your products. These authentic perspectives directly from users pack credibility.

Refresh Content Quarterly

Regularly add updated videos showing the latest product options, trade show coverage, factory innovations, etc. This shows resellers your brand is growing and leading development in the category.

Promote Everywhere

Insert video links in your email newsletters, sales sheets, product catalogs, and quote responses to distributors. Feature videos prominently on your website, YouTube, trade show booths, and sales rep iPads. Videos integrate easily into reseller-facing touchpoints through QR codes as well. Promote them heavily!

Adding product-focused videos tailored to resellers can significantly move the needle on new B2B partnerships and expanding existing accounts. Videos speak to wholesalers and retailers in a way other mediums fall short. Leverage them across all sales materials and channels to open profitable conversations with distributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do videos convert resellers better than other content formats?

Video is more engaging and memorable than text or photos alone. Seeing how a product works builds confidence in quality and capabilities that reading can’t always get across. Videos also convey excitement and emotion better to motivate resellers.

What metrics best indicate video effectiveness for reseller marketing?

Track reseller content consumption, sales inquiries, and account signups from links in video descriptions. Compare product wholesale rates before and after launching the video. Also monitor post-video production and cancellation rates, inventory turnover velocity, etc.

What should your primary goal be for initial intro reseller videos?

Focus first videos on clearly communicating your brand story, values, and biggest competitive differentiator to pique interest for follow-up. Topics like sourcing transparency, innovative technology, cause marketing initiatives, or excellent service define you apart from competitors.

How much budget should you allocate towards video production?

Ideally, devote at least 5-10% of your yearly marketing budget to reseller-focused video content creation and promotion. For a $2 million brand, that’s up to $100,000 annually going to video. Production and ad costs add up fast but drive growth.

Should all videos take a product demo-style format?

Avoid being overly salesy or repetitive across all videos. Mix up useful content like factory tours, founder interviews, customer spotlights, trend reports, panel discussions, and sustainability updates. Show more brand personality through video variety.